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The digital marketing glossary > V > What is Video marketing definition?

What is Video marketing definition ?

Video marketing can be defined in digital marketing context as all uses of video contents to promote a brand, product or service.

Video marketing can take many different forms. It has been empowered by the increase in bandwidth and video consumption

Videos can be used for advertising purposes by buying ad spaces (in-stream video, in-banner video, etc.) or by simply posting a video on a video platform (e.g., YouTube) and looking for viral dissemination.

Videos are also used for showing and promoting products and services on commercial websites. For some products or services it can help transformation.

Finally, video can be used for educational purposes in a content marketing strategy. In this case, videos can be placed on the seller’s website or/and on a video platform (e.g. YouTube channel).

Published on Monday 21 January 2013 (Authors)